Announcing Our 2021 National Poetry Month Contest: Experience Poems!

Welcome to National Poetry Month, 2021 – time for our 2021 Poetry Contest!

As we have done in the past, all participants are eligible to join our end-of-month video poetry reading event, and winners will be shared especially broadly.

This year’s theme: Experience Poems!  This can mean most anything that resonates for you.  Last year, the pandemic inspired our “When I Get My World Back” theme.  Now, as our world is opening up to living experiences, feel free to write about what experiences you are wishing for, planning for, doing, or thinking of longingly. Visiting a place, a relative, a friend, or doing something you’ve only read or dreamed of. — what inspires you, and what you want to inspire others by sharing, is what we want most to enjoy and share.

If you’re looking for examples, we know you and your kids will enjoy the ten minute video from our 2020 “When I Get My World Back” Poetry Event.

Any school-aged child is eligible, regardless of where they receive their schooling. Entries will be grouped in age-level bands.  So please include your child’s name, age/grade, and school (including Nevada homeschool, private, public charter and district-operated public school).

Please submit your poem and/or video to by midnight, Monday, April 26.  Once again, a VIP panel of judges will select poems worthy of commendation across a wide range of creative categories.

And if you have any questions, please direct them to me at or 702-202-3573.

Thank you and good luck!

To get you started thinking, here is a favorite poem about experience itself by Mark Doty.

Experience is an intact fruit

core and flesh of it;

once cut open,

entered, it can’t be the same,

can it?

Mark Doty, Source