Nevada’s Education Opportunity (and Challenge)

At Nevada Action for School Options, we are working to support the growth of diverse choices of rich, high-quality and personalized educational opportunities for all students.

We are a relatively unique organization that we are sector-agnostic about whether these options are organized as traditional district-operated schools, public charter schools, private schools, or other arrangements, as long as they represent high-quality choices. Our mission prioritizes ecosystem-building to support these opportunities for all learners, and to help families to be actively-engaged consumers and partners in meeting their educational needs.

Engaging in our work in a manner consistent with our core values requires that we Believe in Learners and Empower Them, Believe in Families and Empower Them, and Believe in Teachers and Empower Them.

We believe that remaining competitive in an ever-changing economy requires an education system that continues to improve. This long-term commitment, in turn, requires sufficient investment to be able to offer a high-quality educational opportunity for every learner.

High-quality schooling options, including microschools, schools of choice, and traditional public schools, represent a lifeline to learners in households in neighborhoods which have been persistently underserved by their schools. Quite frequently they do so at substantially higher levels of productivity in terms of students’ academic growth and dollars invested. This productivity becomes increasingly important during periods of declining tax revenue and tight budgets, such as during the period of post-COVID-19 economic conditions on Nevada’s economy.

Nevada Action’s 4 Core Pillars of Work


Lead a sustained, intensive campaign to educate all Nevada families about all educational opportunities available to them and the ways they can access those options.


Cultivate community support for diverse schooling options by involving civic and business leaders and community stakeholders to bolster understanding and commitment.

Host regularly-scheduled convenings, including national experts to bring people together for real, informed conversations about meeting the educational needs of all Nevadans.


Work collaboratively to optimize policy, regulatory, legal and funding frameworks to support quality seat creation and maximize diverse schooling opportunities by engaging officials and decision-makers at all levels of government.


Provide sustained, useful support to strengthen and help establish strong schools and schooling options that operate with a culture of continuous improvement.

Serve as a resource for existing and new schools.

Leverage networks across Nevada and nationally to share insights and help make our home a leading destination for talented, innovative educators and school leaders.