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Located near central Las Vegas, the 89107 zip code is another underserved community limited in high-quality school options. The zip code has no schools rating about three-stars – with 59 percent attending one- to two-star schools – as measured by Nevada’s School Performance Framework, which rates school on a five-star rating system.

The median household income in the zip code is $41,501, 80 percent of the Las Vegas median, making it difficult for families to move to find school options around the valley. Forty-seven percent of the population identify as Hispanic. Eight percent of adults 25-years old or older own a Bachelor’s Degree, while 23 percent have attended some form of college but have not or did not finish.  

Families in search of high-quality options will likely have to make a significant commute to enroll in a charter school, assuming they secure enrollment into these schools, which often have long waitlists which are resolved by lottery. Also, families eligible to receive private school tuition under the state’s only funded private school choice program may also benefit from luck to overcome a high demand for these scholarships.

The zip code features a trio of three-star schools – Hyde Park Middle School, Gibson Middle School and Pittman Elementary School, accounting for 3,394 students in the 13,967 households.

A majority of students (3,593 students) find themselves in two-star schools — Garside Middle School, Wasden Elementary, Adcock Elementary, Warren Elementary and Fyfe Elementary. The zip code is also home to two one-star schools — Griffith Elementary and Red Rock Elementary, the lowest rating in Nevada for school performance.

It is important to consider other aspects to a school’s performance rating that contribute to its star rating.  For example, schools are evaluated on the growth of their individual students over time in both math and reading. Pittman Elementary School’s performance increased from its 2016 ranking, showing in its English Growth Median Growth Percentile (MGP) compared to the amount of academic growth in reading its students showed compared with students at the same achievement levels in other elementary schools.

Its MGP rated as a 61 – the highest for an elementary school in the 89107 zip code. This number signifies that if  you take a student and compare them to 100 other students who performed at the same level of proficiency, the student at Pittman Elementary is growing faster than 61 of them. According to its growth score, five out of 10 students are on track to be proficient in English within three years, which also ranks among the highest in the zip code.

The 89107 zip code lacks charter options for parents, but is home to three private schools – Our Lady of Las Vegas Catholic School (K-8), Las Vegas Valley Water District’s School’s Out Program (Kindergarten) and Trinity International Schools (K-12). Our Lady of Las Vegas is also an active participant in the Nevada Opportunity Scholarship program.  

For more information on the performance of public schools in Clark County, visit the GreatSchoolsAllKids website operated by Opportunity 180.

As measured by Nevada’s School Performance Framework, the 89123, located in southwest Las Vegas, features a wide-range of school choices, ranging from district-zoned schools to state charter schools to private schools. The zip code serves 8,174 students with 50 percent attending three-star schools.

The zip code features three five-star schools – a pair of Coral Academy of Sciences schools (elementary and middle school) and one magnet (Roger Gehring Elementary School) – accounting for 1,690 students in the 27,525 households.

A majority of students (4,094 students) find themselves in three-star schools (Silvestri Middle School, Schofield Middle School, Beatty Elementary School, and Cartwright Elementary School). The lone one-star school (Nevada Virtual Academy) serves 540 students  — it is important to note that Nevada Virtual educates students from all around Nevada in their own homes, with its office in the 89123 zip code.

The 89123 is a picture of school choice with a healthy mix of state charters, private and district-zoned schools, providing families plenty of options. The zip code is home to a trio of private schools, including Omar Haikal Islamic Academy (K-8), Kids R Kids Quality Learning Center (K), and Challenger School Silverado Campus (K-8). The private school options go hand in hand with public charter options in Coral Academy of Sciences and Nevada Virtual Academy – both servicing students kindergarten to high school. The zip code is also home to Roger Gehring Elementary, a magnet school where students must apply, meet any academic entrance requirements and be accepted to attend the school. The school is open for students kindergarten through fifth grade.

Education is viewed positively in the area as 91 percent of the 56,300 residents posess a high school diploma or higher, with 7,716 residents over the age of 25 holding a Bachelor’s degree. The median household income is $61,006, well above the Las Vegas average.

For more information on the performance of public schools in Clark County, visit the GreatSchoolsAllKids website operated by Opportunity 180.

As measured by Nevada’s School Performance Framework, the 13,660 households in North Las Vegas’ 89030 ZIP Code remain substantially underserved when it comes to high-quality educational options.

Next year, the neighborhood will be home to Clark County’s most anticipated new school in many years, Cristo Rey Saint Viator Las Vegas College Preparatory high school. The Catholic school features a rigorous academic instructional model with a work-study program which has earned national renown for the relevant experience and workplace skills it offers its students.

For now, however, most students in its ten current schools (4,700 of its 7,700 total students) attend a public school rated with one or two stars, the lowest performance ratings on the state’s 5-Star evaluation system.

Its one five-star rated school, Jo Mackey Elementary School, is one of Clark County’s highly-rated selective-enrollment magnet schools. There are no charter schools currently open in 89030.

Marion Cahlan Elementary School earned a four-star rating, thanks to especially strong student growth over time in reading and math.

Educational opportunity represents the most crucial pathway to a middle-class lifestyle in this community, where half of all residents 25 years old or older have less than a high school diploma or equivalent. Average annual household income (median) in 89030 is $30,300, half of the Clark County average.  About 7 in 10 residents identify as Hispanic or Latino, and African-Americans comprise 1 in 7.

As most residents lack access to the financial resources it would take to move to a different neighborhood where their children could be served by higher-performing schools, their best hopes for better educational options must come through either through finding ways to access school of choice, or relying on the Clark County School District’s leadership to accelerate its process for making improvements for its underserved families.

For more information on the performance of public schools in Clark County, visit the GreatSchoolsAllKids website operated by Opportunity 180.