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April is National Poetry Month, and Nevada Action for School Options is excited to celebrate with our third annual poetry contest and Facebook Poetry Reading Event with the finalists (videos will be pre-recorded by the finalists)! Watch our pretty unforgettable inaugural reading featuring some amazing young poets here.

We want you to send us your poem for our National Poetry Month contest with the theme “Spring is for New Beginnings.”  The winner from each age group will receive a certificate and a prize! 

This contest is open to all Nevada children grades K-12, wherever they currently receive their schooling. The contest will be broken down to grade level groups, as always.

One winner will be selected from each group. Check out past winners here!

There is no required format for your poem, however we do ask that your poem be inspired by the theme “Spring is for New Beginnings” in any way you like.

All poems must be emailed to by the end of day April 30, 2022. Please include your name, age, grade, and city you live in when you submit your poem. Multiple entries are accepted, but a child may only win one prize.

Finalists will be selected by our panel of VIP poets. All finalists will be notified by email. The finalists will be asked to send a video recording of themselves (with parent permission) reading their poem for our Poetry Reading Facebook event. The VIP panel will select one winner for each age group from the finalists.

Please contact Ashley at with any questions! We cant wait to read your poems!

So what are microschools and what is this microschooling movement all about anyway? Some of the most compelling microschool founders in the movement describe what matters most about the work they lead in this 90 second spot from MicroschoolingNV.

In partnership microschooling, host partners (can be employers, municipal governments, Houses of Worship, etc.) who want to offer benefits of real value to their families, working with technical partners, who provide the teaching and learning, including learning guides and curriculum. Leveraging host partner assets, like space to host the microschool or staffing available to help, serves to keep costs down.

Microschooling’s powerful potential can be realized because each microschool can be designed around the specific needs of the particular learners who are benefiting from the program.  Partnership microschooling is starting to bring this potential to whole new levels in multiple states around the country.

Learn more in this short video (2 minutes).


This Case Study of Year One of the Southern Nevada Urban Micro Academy published by the Center for Reinventing Public Education at Arizona State University.

Read the full paper here on the CRPE website.

In response to concerns about the children of first responders needing a safe, supervised place to learn in the midst of COVID-19 school closures, the City of North Las Vegas funded education nonprofit Nevada Action to set up a microschool. Students left the school district to learn at the microschool, which received from the city facilities, funding for personnel, support from city employees, and marketing support.


  1.  This microschool shows how  public-private partnership can create an innovative education option for students and families during a crisis and beyond.
  2. Learning models with a mix of whole-group instruction and self-directed programs with guided curriculum can create opportunities for personalized learning for students while supporting nontraditional educations.
  3. A municipal government was able to tap public funds to provide a new learning option for students legally designated as homeschoolers.

From the report



In a time when so many families are coming to reevaluate their relationships with the institutions they have historically relied upon to meet their educational needs, many experts consider today’s burgeoning microschooling movement to be the most transformative in a generation of education reforms.

What does microschooling Nevada-style have to offer the learners in your family?

Join us Thursday, February 24 for this family-focused information session featuring many of the Las Vegas Valley’s most dynamic microschooling leaders describing their programs.

Details and signup on MicroschoolingNV’s Facebook page.