Introducing the National Microschooling Center

Welcome to the National Microschooling Center, an empowering hub for pioneering small learning environments.

Microschools, rooted in relationships and understandings that every leader has of who each child is as an individual, are blooming in Nevada, and across the country.

We launched the Center to be America’s comprehensive resource center, movement-builder and authority for the most exciting new education movement in a generation  – a highly visible, tireless resource for microschooling leaders, families, policymakers, and those who can support them. Microschooling’s crucial early adoption phase calls for leadership able to foster sustainable growth while embracing diversity. 

Beyond the advantages that come with smaller sizes, our microschools are carving out new styles of educating that are often prohibitive or impossible in the highly-regulated charter or even private school sectors. Many have diversified missions embodying self-directed, social-emotional learning, or other specialized or nontraditional approaches to academic and nonacademic learning. All engage families as active partners in their child’s education.

Growing today’s three prevalent types of microschools, independent, partnership and corporate networks, depends on new leaders prepared to succeed. The Center’s core work here will be to:

  • Cultivate and grow demand;
  • Build and strengthen microschool leader capacity to equip for success;
  • Drive growth-friendly policies, and 
  • Mobilize united communities of practice. 

Visit the Center online here.