Our Free Training Programs for Microschooling Leaders

Microschooling is becoming the fastest-growing and, in many ways, most exciting movement in American education in a generation, and showing strong signs of outliving and thriving long past the pandemic conditions in which it first became a mainstream option for families.

Our MicroschoolingNV initiative has worked with many hundreds of families, and more microschools every week, both in Nevada and around the country.  To help prepare them for success from day one, we have developed this growing program of training sessions, which we are happy to offer free of charge. Whether you are navigating your first steps toward microschooling, or are an experienced leader seeking to enhance your work via communities of practice and the experiences of others, we are eager to meet you and to help.

Click on each title for more information, and contact us at info@nevadaaction.org  if you’re interested in a training, virtually or in person.

Goal Setting That Matters

Meaningful goal setting is crucial to the success of learners in a microschooling environment.  One important part of our  approach is encouraging each child to come to the realization that every decision that they make matters, and ultimately their academic progress is something that they can own and have control over. And to really matter, goals need to be updated regularly to be attainable, adequately ambitious, and aligned with the personalized goals each learner has for their own learning trajectory.

Understanding Parent Choices

As a microschooling leader, understanding the (often evolving) needs of the families you serve is crucial to understanding their priorities. So is maintaining adequate flexibility to adjust to those needss.  Decades of school choice programs nationally teach us that the actual reasons parents cite for the choices they make are often not the ones the so-called experts predict.  Includes findings from our extensive surveys of parents both seeking and currently using microschools, informed by other research conducted nationally on the subject by such experts as the Center for Reinventing Public Education and EdChoice.

Operational Necessities

This training will help you to not forget any operational necessities, and learn from the experience of others to get them right the first time.

Smart Growth

Planning for microschooling growth is crucial to success. Growth happens at a variety of times, in a variety of ways, including mid-year growth and expanding to a new or additional campus. There are many factors to consider when you are growing, including staffing, onboarding new families and maintaining relationships with current families.  Our training is informed by years of experience working with leaders of charter and private schools of choice as they have contemplated, introduced and pursued growth plans aligned with their mission, vision, and current capabilities.