Critical Components of Remote Learning Plans

This report you can download here was produced as a collaboration we had the pleasure to undertake with the National Charter School Institute.

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, schools around the nation were forced to pivot to remote education plans with very little time for planning. We did what we had to do, with mixed results and an extraordinary amount of patience from our families.

Now, charter schools and authorizers alike must act nimbly and quickly to create an environment for schools to succeed meeting the needs of their students and fulfill their mission under the difficult conditions necessitated for safety and required by government authorities.

This report focuses on seven essential domains schools need to address, with descriptions and examples of how they can incorporate them into distance learning plans moving forward:

  1. Curriculum, Instruction and Evaluation
  2. Student Engagement/Behavior and Social-Emotional Support
  3. Equitable Access to Learning
  4. Special Populations
  5. Staff Professional Development
  6. Family Engagement
  7. Resiliency for Managing Through Crisis

While this report was written for charter schools, it is our hope that educators and leaders across different sectors of K-12 education will find it a useful guide.