The Schools We Choose Project (Part 2)

Nevada families choose their children’s schools for many different reasons. This is true whether they pick their assigned, school-district-operated public school, apply for a district-operated magnet school or apply for a variance for a district school outside of their attendance zone, enroll in a public charter school, or seek out a private school.  Teachers also make their choices about where they work because of the priorities they value most as educators.

We launched The Schools We Choose Project to help spread understanding about these different priorities for families and educators.  As we move around our state, we spoke with parents and educators about what matters most to them about their schools.  We hope you will listen, and share, so that we can all build our understanding and appreciation about what matters most to families and educators in The Schools We Choose.

What is Important to Teachers
in Schools of Choice?

The Value of Diversity in
Schools of Choice

What Do You Value About
Your School of Choice?

Serving Students with Special Needs

As a Teacher, What Matters Most
to You About Your School?